Retratos en pastel

Excelente trabajo de +Ryan Doco Connors ,donde combina diferentes retratos con diferentes tonalidades pastel, consiguiendo un resultado muy original.

No perderse el video que adjunta con el making of de la escena. Super.

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Behind the scenes video:

Check out the most recent collaborative project from +Dina Day, +Brian Ceci, +Tobias Schuch, +Alexandra Halprin & Myself.

We all love Google+ so much we decided it'd be a good idea to show our appreciation by doing a photoshoot & behind the scenes video as our way of saying thanks to Google for being awesome!

We hope you enjoy 🙂


Photography: Me
Makeup: +Dina Day
Video: +Brian Ceci
Music: +Tobias Schuch
Model: +Alexandra Halprin

You can download "+1 – Tobias Schuch" for free @

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